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Hi, I'm Sev. I'm a 23-year-old trans ftm-ish agender white able-bodied dyadic mood-disordered probably-ADHD Canadian currently-unemployed atheist and I recently received a BA in Linguistics for some unfathomable reason. I am a "they," or a "ze," or whatever that's not "she," really.

This blog is heavy in the content you may call "social justice," which I try to tag appropriately (along with other things).

I spend a lot of time reblogging cute animals, soothing landscapes, and fan meta (HP, LOTR, Hannibal, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Avengers, Community, Adventure Time, Team Fortress 2, Pokémon, Portal, Minecraft, Skyrim, lots of other stuff).

This blog may also occasionally contain original content, probably me whining. I have dedicated blogs for conlanging, "art," and my conworld project Towers.

je parle français / hablo español
learning ASL

Feel free to contact me by any means, at any time, for any reason. I am here and I am listening.

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