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Hi, I'm Sev. I'm a 23-year-old trans ftm-ish agender white able-bodied dyadic mood-disordered probably-ADHD Canadian currently-unemployed atheist and I recently received a BA in Linguistics for some unfathomable reason. I am a "they," or a "ze," or whatever that's not "she," really.

This blog is heavy in the content you may call "social justice," which I try to tag appropriately (along with other things).

I spend a lot of time reblogging cute animals, soothing landscapes, and fan meta (HP, LOTR, Hannibal, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Avengers, Community, Adventure Time, Team Fortress 2, Pokémon, Portal, Minecraft, Skyrim, lots of other stuff).

This blog may also occasionally contain original content, probably me whining. I have dedicated blogs for conlanging, "art," and my conworld project Towers.

je parle français / hablo español
learning ASL

Feel free to contact me by any means, at any time, for any reason. I am here and I am listening.

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bringing this back around just in case you’ve had a bad day

my favorite thing about this post being popular is that people like you are using it to cheer other people up, that is rad, thank you for being rad

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so sorry for my delayed response to this email, i have been very swamped being a confused and frightened idiot who can’t do basic life tasks like respond to her emails

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Playing a Bethesda game like


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Memento Mori, Graphite & Digital Media, 11” x 17”, 2014.

Remember that you’re only mortal, little knight. Prints here.


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Moving Back Home Together:

Rarest Native Animals Find Haven on Tribal Lands

by Nate Schweber

FORT BELKNAP AGENCY, Mont. — In the employee directory of the Fort Belknap Reservation, Bronc Speak Thunder’s title is buffalo wrangler.

In 2012, Mr. Speak Thunder drove a livestock trailer in a convoy from Yellowstone National Park that returned genetically pure bison to tribal land in northeastern Montana for the first time in 140 years. Mr. Speak Thunder, 32, is one of a growing number of younger Native Americans who are helping to restore native animals to tribal lands across the Northern Great Plains, in the Dakotas, Montana and parts of Nebraska.

They include people like Robert Goodman, an Oglala Lakota Sioux, who moved away from his reservation in the early 2000s and earned a degree in wildlife management. When he graduated in 2005, he could not find work in that field, so he took a job in construction in Rapid City, S.D…

(read more: NY Times)

photographs by Jonathan Proctor/Defenders of Wildlife

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hewalksinstarlight asked for “jehan plus flowers?”

i hadn’t drawn jehan before so this was fun woooo, design mostly drawn from this post

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Horror stories about Muslim misogyny have long been used by western patriarchs to justify imperialism abroad and sexism at home. The Guardian’s Katharine Viner reminds us about Lord Cromer, the British consul general in Egypt from 1883. Cromer believed the Egyptians were morally and culturally inferior in their treatment of women and that they should be “persuaded or forced” to become “civilised” by disposing of the veil.

"And what did this forward-thinking, feminist-sounding veil-burner do when he got home to Britain?" asks Viner. "He founded and presided over the Men’s League for Opposing Women’s Suffrage, which tried, by any means possible, to stop women getting the vote. Colonial patriarchs like Cromer … wanted merely to replace eastern misogyny with western misogyny." More than a century later, the same logic is used to imply that misogyny only matters when it isn’t being done by white men.


Laurie Penny, “This isn’t ‘feminism.’ It’s Islamophobia.” (via octoberchan)

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So last night I got drunk and played Skyrim


I’m still torn on whether this is the greatest thing I’ve ever done or the stupidest. 
















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More pics of my ragdoll boy Nemo’s outdoor adventures this summer.

And in case you wonder what exactly is going on in the last image - we are playing fetch… :D

oh my god what a beauty

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If the questions are to do with technical writing-y stuff I can help you get a handle on ‘em if you’d like

my instructions are “treat this as a formal report” and the report in question has very little text and a few tables with no labeled axes and i don’t know what i’m supposed to do with them basically

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